Hormones from the right and left earplugs of baleen whales

Are trends in hormones from the right and left earplugs of the same individual baleen whale the same?

Pregnancy events from earplugs

Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, plays a huge role in population dynamics when extracted from earplugs.

Burning the candle from both ends

There are three stress biomarkers that the marine mammal field is interested in right now: cortisol, corticosterone, and aldosterone.

Hormone comparison between right and left baleen whale earplugs

Do hormones in the right and left earplugs from the same individuals match? What does ''baseline'' mean for hormones?

Steroid hormones in three biological matrices from the same individuals

I examine stress and sex hormones in the earplug, baleen, and blubber of the same individuals to ascertain the consistency of hormone deposition.