Dani Crain

Dani Crain

PhD Candidate

Baylor University

Dani Crain spends most of her time cutting apart layers in whale earwax.

Yes, whales have ears! But unlike you and me, they can’t clean their ears. So earwax builds up in their ear canals over their entire lives, forming layers like tree rings. I use this plug of earwax, or earplug, to investigate the long-term trends in stress and sex hormones in baleen whales.

I am an ‘‘Endochronologist,’’ because I am broadly interested in using using animal tissues that grow over time to track how the environment impacts trends in stress, reproduction, diet, and location. The biomarkers I use to investigate this are steroid hormones (like progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and corticosterone) and nitrogen/carbon stable isotopes.

I’m currently looking for a postdoctoral position, please contact me if you’d like to chat!

In my off time, I enjoy powerlifting, knitting, drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading science-fiction/fantasy, baking, and cooking.